The Martin Family

Owners: Will & Cindy Martin

This couple met 12 years ago while working together for a large commercial HVAC contractor in Orange County. Their working relationship lead to  romance and ultimately a very happily ever after. The couple reside in Wildomar, CA . The Martin's have always been  heavily involved in the commercial HVAC industry. Collectively they built one of the largest Retrofit Division's for the third largest HVAC contractor in California from the ground up. Recently Will has taken a role that strictly focuses on HVAC Equipment Sales  while Cindy has taken the role of President of Martin Family Motorsports while raising the couples two children.

Andrew Martin

As the oldest child of Will & Cindy, Andrew has grown up in a drag racing family. Andrew  loves funny cars with his favorite drivers being his Dad, Tommy Johnson Jr, & Fast Jack Beckman. He hopes to one day soon start his driving career behind the wheel of a jr dragster.

Alaina Martin

As the youngest member of the family, Alaina is the daredevil of the family. She is fearless and loves to mimic her older brother. She quickly became the good luck charm for the race team as they won their last 2 nostalgia funny car outings she attended, which were here first times at the track.

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